Chicago, March 8, 2020: International Working Women’s Day

IWD all speakers.jpg

Sunday, March 8th, 2020

5 to 9 pm, 37 S. Ashland Avenue

Join us to celebrate International Women’s Day with women and gender-oppressed speakers, artists, performers, and vendors!

5-6 pm, 8-9 pm: Vendors Market & Gallery
6-8 pm: Speaker & Performer program

For over 100 years, International Women’s Day has celebrated the struggle for women’s liberation. Join us this year on International Women’s Day to speak out against the oppression and exploitation of women and gender oppressed people today.

We live under an economic system that is organized around exploitation and a political system that is ruled by the rich. Cuts to entitlement programs, attacks on public sector unions, and threats to public education hit women hardest, especially women of color. Politicians – from Trump and Pence, to many state legislatures – are pushing to enact laws that pose a real danger to our rights, our reproductive freedom and our lives. Working women of all nationalities are leading the movements to defend the public sector, unions, reproductive freedom, and more.

The fight against sexual assault and harassment is reaching new heights, as every day brings news of more women breaking their silence and naming their attackers, bringing down powerful men from Hollywood to Capitol Hill. While some try to hold back progress, we need to seize this moment, and take the fight to every workplace, every school, everywhere there are working and oppressed women.

International Women’s Day was established by women who sought to overthrow the system of exploitation and inequality. This is our same fight today.

Read more about the speakers, vendors and performers at

Cash Bar
Literature tables

Donations Requested

Note: the venue is the UE Hall, an historic union with a proud tradition of militant trade unionism and support for social movements. The building is not currently wheelchair accessible.

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