COVID IN COLD BLOOD: Massacre in La Modelo Prison, Colombia

COVID IN COLD BLOOD: Massacre in La Modelo Prison, Colombia

Please send an email to Colombian authorities denouncing the March 21, 2020 massacre at La Modelo Prison by Colombian authorities that left 23 dead and over 90 wounded. The prisoners were protesting filthy conditions and extreme overcrowding that has turned the penitentiary system into a breeding ground for Corona Virus. Following is an English translation of the email that will be sent:

The recent massacre by the Colombian Public Forces of 23 inmates of the La Modelo penitentiary is an outrage and a serious abuse of the most fundamental human right of all, the right to live. Furthermore, the actions of the Colombian government imply a blatant disregard for the health not only of the inmates, but of all the people of Colombia and the world. The attacks occurred while the inmates protested dirty and inhumane conditions that have turned the prison system into a breeding ground for the coronavirus. Prison walls cannot contain this virus if precautions are not taken. Colombia’s prisons have an overcrowding rate of over 50%. In fact, the Colombian courts have declared the lack of health and overcrowding illegal and in violation of the constitution. This situation is a danger for the entire region and for the entire world in a time of coronavirus. I support the prisoners’ demands for the Colombian government to release all elderly prisoners and those who are incarcerated for minor crimes, and for the government to act in an immediate way to improve prison conditions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the jails and the outside world. Furthermore, I demand an immediate investigation into the massacre and that the authors of this tool be punished for their crimes.

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