Protect Healthcare Workers from COVID-19!



Healthcare workers are on the front lines of the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. Many are rising to the occasion and working overtime, risking their own health and safety in order to care for our community. All of us depend on their ability to do their jobs. Unfortunately, our current healthcare ecosystem is unable to meet the influx of needed care.

Join the Wisconsin Federation of Nurses & Health Professionals in calling on hospital and laboratory executives, healthcare corporations and government officials to provide healthcare workers with:

1) Paid Leave

Institute a policy of paid leave forgiveness and outright pay any employee who is required to miss work from suspected or documented exposure to COVID-19, whether that exposure occurred at work or elsewhere, so that their accrued paid time off is not required to be exhausted.

2) Free Testing, Free Medical Treatment & Adequate Safety Equipment

Provide COVID-19 testing and coverage for all related medical treatment at no cost to all healthcare workers. Make sure all staff and subcontracted staff are properly trained in safety protocols regarding COVID-19. Ensure all safety equipment is secured and available for all staff.

3) Free Childcare

Enact childcare subsidies or alternative methods of childcare to all healthcare workers in need of childcare. If workers are unable to secure childcare, allow for them to make arrangements to see their families are secure before requiring them to work.

4) Hazard Pay

Institute a hazard pay policy of double time for all healthcare workers working during this crisis until such time as there is no longer an emergency or disaster situation.

5) Moratorium on Rent and Mortgages

Put a moratorium on rent and mortgage payments for the people of Wisconsin so that nobody has to choose between practicing safe social distancing and going to work, thereby risking further preventable exposure.

6) Emergency Stipend

Offer an emergency stipend to cover the costs of purchasing basic supplies (such as groceries, medicine, and cleaning products) that will allow healthcare workers and their families to remain as healthy as possible.


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