US racial tensions due to ‘horrendous human rights violations’ against blacks: Analyst

Abayomi Azikiwe

US President Donald Trump’s handling of recent racial tensions across the US mirror’s Washington’s “horrendous human rights violations” that are being committed against blacks and other nations in the world, an African American journalist in Detroit says.

A State Department official, one of the highest-ranking African Americans in Trump’s administration, submitted her resignation Thursday citing concern over the president’s response to the protests over racism and police brutality, The Washington Post reported.

Mary Elizabeth Taylor was unanimously confirmed as assistant secretary of the State Department for legislative affairs in 2018, serving as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s liaison to lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

Taylor, 30, said in her resignation letter that Trump’s response to widespread protests over systemic racism and police brutality “cut sharply against my core values and convictions,” according to the letter, obtained by the Post.

“This is a mirror reflection of the fallout that’s taking place domestically and internationally over the role of the Trump administration and the US political system in general, and its failure to address racism and national oppression in the United States which claims to be a leader in regard to our human rights issues around the world,” said Abayomi Azikiwe, editor at the Pan-African News Wire.

“This resignation … speaks volumes in terms of the capacity of the Trump administration to even recruit and retain conservative African American diplomats and governmental personnel,” Azikiwe said in a phone interview with Press TV on Friday.

“This is creating a problem for US diplomatic staff internationally. They are not able to justify their existence in the light of the horrendous human rights violations that are being committed by the United States,” he added….


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