Milwaukee, August 1, 2020: Eviction Moratorium Now! March to Tom Barrett’s House

Eviction Moratorium Now! March to Tom Barrett’s House

Milwaukee currently has a major housing crisis on its hands. Over 150 people are being evicted every week creating uncertainty and increasing homelessness during this global pandemic and economic crisis. Meanwhile, our city “leaders” have done nothing to help people stay in their homes. Tom Barrett has made no meaningful statement on the eviction crisis and has refused calls to put a city-wide eviction moratorium in place. Milwaukee Autonomous Tenants Union represents tenants all over the city and is making the following demands of Tom Barrett on behalf of all renters:

-Put in place a city-wide eviction moratorium that will extend indefinitely until the end of the COVID-19 crisis. Mandate that no late payment fees or back-rent can accumulate during this moratorium that the tenant will be forced to pay later.

-Enforce state law against landlords who harass and retaliate against tenants who are unable to pay due to this crisis. Expose and Cite landlords that harass and retaliate against tenants.

-Make double security deposits for people that were evicted illegal. Landlords demanding double security are gatekeepers to housing that are using the COVID-19 crisis to squeeze more money out of people.

-Remove COVID 19 evictions from tenant’s records and all prior evictions that have been satisfied by tenants but which landlords refuse to remove by filing the correct paperwork.

-Create a tenants court outside and separate from civil court, that will guarantee tenants rights and provide free legal representation for all tenants.

Meet up at Washington Park Senior Center, 4420 W. Vliet St., MKE. Short march and rally to bring attention to evictions that are plaguing Milwaukee during a global pandemic. Opportunities to share stories and gather together for future fights against landlords who are kicking people out during COVID.

This will be a socially distant march and rally, please wear a mask. Hand sanitizer and water will be provided. Call or email for further information.

We are also asking for volunteers to marshal the event. If you are interested in doing this please reach out!

Stop Evictions & Utility Shutoffs Banner 7 23 2020

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