ONLINE: “Grave of the Fireflies”- Friday Freedom Flick, 7-24-20, 7 PM

Be sure to join us on Zoom. Film followed by discussion.  See link below.​​

zoom id is 716 567 5210      password: 178153

one click join

plain old phone: 1-312-626-6799     zoom id: 716 567 5210    password: 178153

Peace Action of WI

Japanese 1988 Animated Anti-war  Masterpiece.
This powerful, sad and beautiful film is based on the story of two Japanese children who are victims of war.  Critics have called it the best animated film they have ever seen with a story that lingers with you for a long time.
A stirring meditation on the human cost of war, this animated tale follows Seita, a teenager charged with the care of his younger sister, Setsuko, after an American firebombing during World War II separates the two children from their parents. Their tale of survival is as heartbreaking as it is true to life.
This is a story that comes directly from the voiceless, the countless unnamed, unknown child casualties of war and government violence, not necessarily in WWII but everywhere.

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