Rockford Youth Abolitionists: Black August 2020 Events

Image may contain: text that says '7th- Vigil for Black Trans Women & Femmes ROCKFORD YOUTH ABOLITIONISTS 8th- ACAB Teach-In HOOR BLACK AUGUST EMBRACING UNITY, SELF-SACRIFICE POLITICAL EDUCATION, PHYSICAL TRAINING AND RESISTANCE IN THE FIGHT FOR BLACK LIBERATION 14th- Haitian Revolution Run: Black Rebellion Training & Discipline 24th- Marsha Johnson Day: Celebration of Black Queer Resistance 31st- Black August People's Feast'


Rockford Youth Abolitionists and our homies are going to be observing Black August this coming month. Black August is a month to deepen our commitments as revolutionaries. Black August as a tradition emerges out of black struggle within the prison. During Black August, revolutionaries observe a fast from Sunrise to Sunset to strengthen discipline. This includes refraining from drinking water and other beverages. It is encouraged that revolutionaries take other types of sacrifices during the Month. A sundown meal is traditionally shared between comrades. The fast should be a reminder of conditions faced by black people in the past and the conditions that we continue to face.

We will be hosting community building events throughout the month in order to strengthen our movement here in Rockford. Some of these events are still TBA on the locations. If you would like to help with any of these events, send us an email. We encourage everyone to take part if they can in the Black August through fasting, training and studying with your comrades, friends and families.

We will include some links about Black August in the comments. We will be doing weekly posts to share information about black revolutionary history in the month of August.

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