Caravan from Chicago to Milwaukee for the March on the DNC, Aug. 20: We Can’t Breathe!

March on DNC We Can't Breathe.jpg

The Coalition to March on the DNC will host a rally and march on the Democratic National Convention, occurring the week of August 17th – 20th, 2020 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The timing of the march on the Fiserv Forum will coincide with Joe Biden’s acceptance speech. Biden is expected to speak on Thursday, August 20th, with the convention opening that evening at 8 pm.

We are organizing a car caravan to travel to Milwaukee that day to be there for the protest and march. The caravan will depart from the new office of the Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression at 6353 S. Cottage Grove at 1 pm. We are planning for 2 hours for the caravan to reach Milwaukee, and more time to reach the rally location as we assume the police and federal security agents will make traffic very slow in Milwaukee as well.

NOTE: Because this is a national security event, the coalition CAN NOT promise that cars will be allowed to caravan along with the marchers.

From the Coalition: We will march behind the slogan “WE CAN’T BREATHE” to continue the righteous protest against police killings of Black people. We demand real police accountability and an end to police crimes and racist policies that have been enabled by both the Democratic and Republican leaders. The Coalition both sees the inadequacies of the Democrats and recognizes the need to beat Donald Trump. The rally will feature the family members of three people killed by Milwaukee police — the families of Alvin Cole, Isaiah Tucker and Jonathon Tubby.

Frank Chapman, executive director of the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression will also speak at the rally.  Explaining the demand for community control, Chapman said, “When we demand community control of police, we are demanding defund and demilitarize, as well. If you think that those people who created the policing in the country are going to defund the police you need to think again. We need to be in charge of defunding the police.”

The Coalition to March on the DNC is a broad, national coalition of left and progressive forces, working with dozens of local Milwaukee groups and activists. We are rallying behind demands including but not limited to:

– Community Control of the Police / Stop Police Terror
– End US Wars and Interventions / Money for Human Needs, Not War
– Legalization for All / No More Deportations
– Tax the Rich
– Medicare for All
– Climate Action Now
– Fight to Expand Union and Worker Rights
– We Demand Peace, Justice, and Equality!

If you are interested in joining the caravan, or supporting the protest from home, complete this form:

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