Milwaukee, August 16, 2020: Stop the Marquette Outbreak!

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The Marquette University administration is moving forward with plans for face-to-face education despite faculty, staff and student concerns about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Join us this Sunday, August 16, at noon for a car/bicycle/pedestrian protest parade in front of Marquette President Lovell’s. Marquette has placed dorm revenues ahead of the wellbeing of its students and workers. It is unconscionable that we are being asked to place our health, our families health and the health of the Near Westside Community at risk, when viable options exist. Help us fight for safer working conditions and a healthier Milwaukee.

We demand that:

1. Faculty and staff should be given discretion over their working conditions, and online work should be accommodated for all.

2. Administration offers voluntary recognition in writing of a union for non-tenure track faculty, grad workers and any other campus unit interested in organizing to ensure that all employees have a collective voice in their working conditions going forward.

3. Given the demonstrated lack of consideration for the well-being of Marquette employees, we demand faculty and staff involvement in the University’s budget process to ensure all reasonable options are considered before laying-off or furloughing workers.

4. We demand that Marquette live up to its commitment to racial justice and act as a responsible neighbor in a Near West Side community in which many residents are uninsured and face systematic discrimination in accessing adequate health care. Marquette’s coronavirus response is not only an issue affecting the Marquette community but also disproportionately affects our neighbors in disadvantaged communities of Milwaukee.

Join us as we fight to make Marquette University better for all of Milwaukee!

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