American Postal Workers Union (APWU) President: Thousands Take Action at August 25, 2020 Rallies Nationwide to #SaveThePostOffice

APWU – The American Postal Workers Union

August 25, thousands of people took action at hundreds of Save The Post Office rallies across the country. #SaveThePostOffice

It was an incredible day. The action was covered in scores of local media outlets and the voices of postal workers and our communities were heard loud and clear.

We now have just a short window of opportunity to make sure that the Senate responds to the pressure we’re building. We need to tell our senators to pass legislation to stop the mail slow down and provide $25 billion emergency funding for the Postal Service during the coronavirus crisis. Will you keep the pressure up by calling your senators?

And if you want to see just how much people care about our public Postal Service, just look at these images – just a few from yesterday’s day of action.

Congratulations to everyone who took action yesterday.

Let’s keep the pressure up. Dial 844-402-1001 or click here to call your senators.

In Union Solidarity,

Mark Dimondstein
President, APWU

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