Call to Demand: Drop The Charges Against Ray Wright and Justin Waters in Appleton!


Leaders in the movement for Black lives in the Fox Valley, Ray Wright and Justin Waters, have recently been targeted by the Appleton Police Department and the Outagamie County District Attorney’s Office for their role in demonstrations this summer.

Ray was arrested on September 9 on a warrant that was made public on September 4. This warrant was in relation to an action that took place on May 31. On September 10, when Ray was released from custody following a court hearing, Justin was snatched up by police while he was outside standing in solidarity with his brother in the struggle.

Today, both are being faced with trumped up charges. The cops and the crooked DA’s office – the same one that allowed APD to get away with the murder of Jimmie Sanders in 2017 – are trying to muck up the records of these freedom fighters. We need to call Outagamie County DA Melinda Tempelis to demand that these charges be dropped NOW!

In the meantime, both Ray and Justin are organizing fundraisers to pay for defense attorneys. You can donate to Justin’s efforts at his cashapp, $HBKJelly, and you can donate to Ray’s efforts on his GoFundMe page:

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