Milwaukee, September 20, 2020: Justice For Christopher Davis

James Beckum Park, Milwaukee, WI – 1 P.M.

On February 24, 2016 21 year old Christopher Davis was shot in the head and killed by Police Officer Juan Ortiz of East Troy. The officer never was charged, and has since been made a detective.
The case was a botched drug sting gone horrible, with one officer saying the “planning” took two minutes, and another saying only thirty seconds. The wrong officers arrived to the scene first, some not even in uniform. The information police were given from a CI, trying to reduce his own charges, were never enough to effectuate an arrest. There is also evidence that dash-cam footage existed and now has since disappeared. The family deserves justice. Christopher’s name and story has been silenced for too long. Let us all get together and stand up in honor for Christopher Davis and his life that was too quickly taken from him and all who loved him. Meetup 1pm. (9th street parking).Food and drinks to be available before the march. March start time 3pm. March led by TPR.Special appearances/speakers: The Christopher Davis family
Sedan Smith
Cecil Lacy
Taleavia and Tracy Cole
Jay and Linda Anderson
Pastor Ken
Rebecca BurrellSome families will address the issue of justice before the march, while acknowledgement of Christopher’s story will continue throughout the march.

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