Madison, October 6, 2020: Call To Action, Capitol Budget Hearing

Freedom Inc

CALL TO ACTION: Capitol Budget Hearing Tuesday 10/6/2020

We need your help and we want you prepared for Capital Budget Hearings. Below is a Video with a breakdown of what is in the budget, key dates, as well as other helpful information. The hearing on 10/6/20 is an opportunity for us to stand up for our community and interrupt the space of the Common Council Capital Budget Discussion.

We need to bring attention to the forced hysterectomies of detained refugee women in ICE detention centers, acts of violence and murders of countless Black Trans Women and the persistent assault of state violence on black life.

We are asking community members to speak out against these atrocities.Please sign up to speak the names of our fallen comrades and to demand the city defund the police and invest in community.

This is the link to WATCH the meeting: will provide the link to REGISTER for public comment when it becomes available.Also HANG OUT with us in the Zoom room during the session while we learn about why Defund The Police is a critical gender justice issue:

We have to put up a fight all the way up to the November 10th and 12th budget adoption meeting!

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