U.S. Hands off Iran! Bring the Troop Home from Afghanistan and elsewhere!


UNAC denounces the targeted assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a top nuclear scientist and Trump’s approving Tweet. This confirms the U.S. and Israeli determination to sabotage every possible effort for peace or normalization of relations with Iran or in the region

Again and again Iran scientists have been targeted. More than 5 scientists were assassinated in past years. The targeted assassinations and the economic sanctions are a continuing effort to instigate a conflict that will involve the incoming administration. The multi-pronged attack involved at least one explosion and small fire by several assailants.

It is understood internationally to prevent any effort to revive diplomacy with Iran to go back to the nuclear agreement. It is intended to heighten the rage and create excuses for continued U.S. military occupation of the entire region.  [read more]

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