UNAC Statement Against Censorship and for Freedom of Speech and Press


Glenn Greenwald recently quit the Intercept, a news outlet which he founded.  He quit in protest because they refused to print an article he wrote that was critical of Joe Biden.  It appears that censorship is becoming the norm for the US media and on social media platforms.  Greenwald, who now publishes his own blog at https://greenwald.substack.com/, wrote that a recent article in the New York Times demanded that Facebook, Twitter and Google, change their algorithms so that “ ‘hyper partisan pages’ [be] repressed in favor of promoting ‘a spike in visibility for big, mainstream publishers like CNN, The New York Times and NPR.’”  That is, they want to censor us in favor of these wealthy outlets that already have a tremendous advantage and are already streamed into households throughout the country. They want to repress our voices in favor of theirs. This is the new censorship.

We in the antiwar movement have an important stake in the struggle to protect and extend freedom of speech.  As the town squares, where our movement once soap boxed our message to all who would listen, have disappeared into privately owned malls and as privately owned social media platforms have started dominating over all other media, we are seeing the privatization of freedom of speech. Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Amazon and other platforms make corporate decisions on which posts are valid and which are not, always in compliance with state narratives.  [read more]


Greenwald becomes the latest high-profile journalist to leave a well-known legacy media organization to join Substack. You’ll be able to read the piece rebuffed by The Intercept at his new site here.

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