Milwaukee, December 7, 2020: #JusticeForAndre! Stop Police and Vigilante Terror!

The Peoples Revolution / Day 193 of Protest / ACTION / (December 7th, 2020)📍Today we will meet at Armor Park(6105 W. Norwich Ave) at 4:00 and we will be leaving at 5:00pm📍

Why are we still marching through these streets!? Why are we still fighting?! Why are we still out here in the cold!? Simple….

Early Sunday morning December 6th, in our own city a racially motivated hate crime was committed in downtown Milwaukee. A white bartender spewed racial slurs throughout the night to 24 year old Andre Nicholson, before being kicked out by the owner of the bar. Then he waited outside for Andre to leave and shot him five times in the back, killing him.This is a hate crime and he MUST be charged with murder!! We will make sure Andre and the family gets the justice they deserve, and we will remain by their side through this grieving process.



—Please contact your alderperson and let them know to say no to the grant. LONG LIVE THE REVOLUTION



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