Milwaukee Area Labor Council: Support the Marquette Academic Workers Union!

A group of workers in non-tenure positions at Marquette University began working together to form a union and then their drive to hold an election was circumvented by a federal appeals court that ruled in early 2020 that Duquesne University’s status as a Roman Catholic institution exempts it from National Labor Relations Board rules. Despite this setback the workers have held together as a group in collective action. Please see the message from the group below on their #NoOneGetsFired campaign:


We are hearing from more and more Marquette University workers that the anxiety and fear being caused by Marquette’s decision to slash positions and academic programs is beginning to affect their health. A lot of them are calling in sick.

Among the things causing this anxiety are:

  • A stated desire to cut up to 450 faculty and staff from the university’s payroll.
  • A willingness to eliminate whole programs from the university some of them core to the institution’s liberal arts mission.
  • A retreat from commitments to make the Marquette faculty and student body more diverse. This includes the elimination of Marquette’s goal to become a Hispanic Serving Institution from its strategic plan, and the cancelation of four Race, Ethnic and Indigenous Studies hirings, just as candidates were about to be invited to campus for interviews.
  • A flawed COVID-19 mitigation strategy that has resulted in countless students getting ill and the quarantining of two dorms.
  • A willingness to suppress the speech of students speaking out about cuts to faculty and staff.
  • A general failure to share information or demonstrate the need for any of the actions the university is proposing to take.

Marquette’s proposals are cruel and inhumane. They threaten the livelihoods of hundreds and the health of thousands as the pandemic continues on. There are other options, and if you stand with the students and workers of Marquette University, please consider expressing your concern by calling the officials below TODAY

President Michael Lovell: 414-288-7223

Provost Kimo Ah Yun: 414-288-8033

Or by sending them an email by clicking on this link.  TODAY

We call on Marquette honor its commitments to its workers by ensuring that #NoOneGetsFired.

Marquette Academic Workers Union

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