Oshkosh, January 7, 2021: Black Lives Matter Protest – Justice For Jacob Blake!

Event by Brandon Moen

Sundial, Oshkosh, WI – 4 P.M.

The officers who shot Jacob Blake are no longer being charged. This is an act of injustice, and we will NOT stand for this bullshit. There is not a single reason why these pigs should not have been charged.

We will take to the streets and show our support for Jacob Blake and ALL victims of police brutality. We will make sure all know that even though it’s 2021 we are not done fighting. We won’t be done fighting until we win.

The protest will take place at the Sun Dial on Main St. this Thursday.

So bring a mask, jacket, and bring your voice!

January 4, 2021 Kenosha / Photo: Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement

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