Academic Workers Union at Marquette University: Reinstate Fired Workers & Keep Faculty Course Load! (Sign Petition)

From: Academic Workers Union Marquette University <>
Subject: Marquette University – Student Petition

Dear Colleagues, 
The students of Marquette have organized a new petition protesting the latest developments in the university’s budget cuts. They demand:

  1. The reinstatement of the thirty-nine staff members that were recently fired to fulfill a $12 M budget surplus
  2. The preservation of MU faculty’s current course load 

These students are aware of the cruelty of firing staff after receiving federal aid expressly earmarked for employee retention; they recognize that changes to faculty course loads will dramatically affect the quality of their education and will trigger mass firings of non-tenure-track faculty. They are fighting for the university that they know and love. If you support their action, please sign the petition linked above and share with your social networks.

All signers are welcome. 
In solidarity, 
Marquette Academic Workers Union Organizing Committee

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