Outpouring of Solidarity for Alabama Amazon Workers with 40+ Actions Set for February 20, 2021

Support Amazon Workers banner

From Mississippi to Connecticut, North Carolina to California, workers, labor and community activists have resoundingly responded to the call for a National Day of Solidarity with Alabama Amazon Workers issued by the Southern Workers Assembly.

More than 40 actions (and counting!) are now planned to mobilize solidarity with the workers in Bessemer and to tell Amazon:  Victory to the workers! Union-busting has got to go! The full list of actions can be found below.

Amazon is spending tens of thousands of dollars each day on the most vile union busters around – Morgan Lewis – because they know this historic struggle being waged by the workers in Bessemer is inspiring Amazon and other workers to organize on their jobs, and they know that when workers build power, that means less profit for them. What makes this struggle even more significant is that it is taking place in the right-to-work South, and of the nearly 6,000 workers at the Bessemer warehouse, more than 70% are Black.

That’s why the solidarity actions on February 20 are so critical to the outcome of this struggle!

No matter their size, every action on Saturday will bolster the workers in Bessemer and help open up a broader campaign to organize Amazon and other workers. If you need help planning an action, feel free to contact us at info@supportamazonworkers.org.

We encourage you to visit the Support Alabama Amazon Workers website to find materials that may be of use to actions you’re planning this weekend, including:

  • Placards and signs
  • Banner designs
  • Leaflets
  • Social media graphics
  • and more!

If you have a resource to contribute, please send it to info@supportamazonworkers.org so it can be added to the site and made available to others.

All out in solidarity with the BAmazon Union!

February 20 National Day of Solidarity
Current listing of actions planned for February 20 below. Don’t see an action you’re planning listed? Send in your info using this form. And be sure to check the website for the most up to date information on planned demonstrations: https://supportamazonworkers.org/feb20
Sign reading: Solidarity with BAmazon workers! Fight racism and union busting!

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