AFGE continues aggressive fight for hazard pay for feds

On its way out the door, the Trump administration filed a motion to dismiss AFGE’s lawsuit seeking hazard pay for federal workers who have been required to risk their health and safety by working in hazardous conditions in order to continue to perform the essential functions of the government during the COVID-19 pandemic. AFGE earlier this month opposed that motion, urging the court to deny the government’s request to dismiss the case. “The coronavirus pandemic made thousands of jobs more dangerous than they normally would be. Recognizing that federal employees are at times exposed to dangerous conditions their jobs do not normally entail, Congress provided for hazardous duty pay and/or environmental differential pay,” AFGE argued in opposition to the motion to dismiss. “As a result of these hazardous conditions and the Government’s failure to account for these conditions in Plaintiffs’ position classifications, Plaintiffs are entitled to hazardous duty pay, environmental differential pay, and additional overtime wages to compensate for their repeated and ongoing exposure to COVID-19.” Read more here

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