Milwaukee, Feb. 25, 2021: Justice For Jay Anderson!

The Peoples Revolution Milwaukee/ Day 272 of Action /Protest (February 25th, 2021)

4pm 901 n. 9th Street, ((Milwaukee County Courthouse))


On June 23, 2016, then Wauwatosa Police Officer, Joseph Mensah, would fatally shoot and kill a nearly sleeping 25 year old man. His name was Jay Anderson Jr.

Mensah, who was involved in a fatal shooting less than a year prior, was claimed to have followed procedure by WPD. After that, the family who has committed to always fighting for Jay, was told that Mensah would additionally NOT face federal civil rights charges.

Then a couple years later Joseph Mensah killed again. 🚨

The lack of accountability, the large risk proven true of continuing to employ a killer cop, and the corruption within WPD, was now too obvious to continue to hide. 🚨‼️

The truth is unraveling.‼️

Today, we will stand with the Anderson family as the case begins and reopens as a first of it’s kind to Wisconsin, a John Doe Hearing. The hearing will begin at 2pm. Stay tuned to the page for a virtual option to tune into. Only one media is allowed to be present and will go live during the hearing.

After, we will March these streets in honor of his name. 🚨🖤🚨

SAY HIS NAME 🚨🖤🚨📣📣📣 JAY ANDERSON 📣📣📣#JayAndersonJr#JusticeForThEEthrEE#ConvictJosephMensah


The Peoples Revolution Milwaukee

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