National Network on Cuba: #UnblockCuba!

The U.S. people demand: ‘Biden, #unblockCuba.’

National Network on Cuba

The National Network on Cuba says the fundamental humanitarian aid that Cuba needs is ending the U.S. economic commercial and financial blockade. Just like “San Ysidro,” “Zunzuneo” and so many other instigations and provocations bought and paid for with U.S. workers’ tax dollars, the origins of the current difficulty experienced in Cuba will be fully exposed.

The part that we know is the sinister role of the U.S. government in its attempt to foment regime change in Cuba. The current efforts to destabilize Cuba are reminiscent of the April 6, 1960 Mallory-Rubottom memo which prescribed measures “as inconspicuous as possible” to bring hunger and hardship to the Cuban people so they choose capitalist wage slavery as a respite. The audacity that a formerly colonized, Black and Brown people, would dare to choose an independent path! How else can we view the Biden administration’s refusal to restore even a modicum of relief for Cuban families?

The brief and limited easing of parts of the blockade by the Obama administration provided a glimpse of Cuba’s potential to flourish if left to develop peacefully. But instead, a heavier weight was loaded onto the Cuban people, then came the coronavirus pandemic. How could it possibly be justified to deny the right to freely trade for medicine, medical equipment, food and human necessities? And now, more than six months into a new presidency, this genocidal policy is enforced and justified by the current Secretary of State..

The National Network on Cuba’s member organizations have worked over the long pandemic months promoting educational web based events. Together with the Canadian Network on Cuba, the NNOC members developed the Saving Lives Campaign. Through that diligent work a mass of resolutions representing more than 30 million U.S. residents has been gathered. They were presented to the U.S. UN Ambassador along with personal letters from elected representatives and union officers urging the U.S. to vote yes on the June 23 vote against the U.S. blockade of its neighbor, Cuba. More resolutions and legislative actions are coming.

The people of the United States say #unblockCuba2021. We are the majority.

  • Cuban-Americans whose families are suffering and have initiated car and bike caravans in Miami itself. This movement is now emulated in cities across the U.S. and around the world.
  • 1300 mile Cuban-American pilgrimage walking from Miami to Washington DC to present petitions to the White House.
  •  800,000 vacationers who suddenly had plans to visit Cuba on cruise ships dashed by new US restrictions.
  • People with diabetes and lung cancer who are denied Cuba’s unique treatments.
  • The people who in a few short week donated more than a half a million dollars to send syringes to Cuba so they can administer the five covid-19 vaccine candidates developed by Cuban scientists, educated at Cuban schools.  Cuban vaccines can help protect the world from COVID-19.
  • People in every one of the U.S. states and the District of Columbia declare U.S. “Hands off Cuba!” with their photographs.

The blockade must end. Not part of it, all of it.

Please read the following google translation of Cuban President Diaz-Canel’s remarks to the Cuban people, Sunday, July 11. Then join us. Together we can end this profound injustice.

NNOC co-chairs:
Alicia Jrapko, Cheryl LaBash, Gail Walker, Mimut Nuhu, Sharon Wrobel
Treasurer: John Waller

National Network on Cuba

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