Freedom for All the Guapinol Water Protectors! Stay alert on this important human rights case in Honduras!

Despite important rulings from the Constitutional chamber of the Supreme court almost a week ago, six Guapinol water defenders have not been released. The court in Tocoa that currently has the authority to release the defenders and found them guilty last week is delaying a decision. The court argues that the Appeals court in La Ceiba must make a new decision about their pre-trial detention since the Appeals court decision was subject to the Constitutional chamber’s ruling. In short, these complicated technical arguments are part of the strategy to confuse people waiting for their release. This is a strategy to buy time so that the corrupt Honduran courts can find another illegal justification to maintain the six defenders illegally in prison.

Take action now! Fill the form and ask Honduran authorities to release the six Guapinol Water Defenders still in jail!

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