Venezuela & ALBA News 2.18.2022: National Lawyers Guild statement calls for immediate release of Alex Saab

Alliance For Global Justice

US Political Prisoner Alex Saab
National Lawyers Guild International Calls for the Immediate Release of Venezuelan Diplomat Alex SaabThe NLG International calls for the immediate release of Venezuelan Special Envoy Alex Saab, imprisoned in a Miami federal prison by the US in a violation of diplomatic norms and protections. The arrest, extradition and continued imprisonment of Saab is a reflection of the extent to which the U.S. government will go in order to enforce its unilateral coercive measures and economic sanctions against Venezuela, Iran and other targeted nations. Saab now faces one US charge, conspiracy to launder money. This recalls the long history of the use of conspiracy charges by US prosecutors, particularly in political cases.

Code Pink (Leonardo Flores): “It can’t be illegal to help a people” – The persecution of Alex Saab Saab is virtually unknown in the US, where he is currently languishing in a Miami prison, but he has been vital to Venezuela’s ability to survive the brutal economic war being waged by the US. He is a political prisoner whose case has parallels to that of Julian Assange. Both have been subjected to extraterritorial reach by US authorities, as neither are US citizens, and their alleged crimes took place outside of the country. Assange is in jail for telling the truth. Saab is in jail for helping feed Venezuelans.

Kawsachun News: Venezuela National Assembly President Jorge Rodriguez answers US lies that Alex Saab is a USDrug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Informer When asked by a reporter following a press conference, Rodríguez called it strange the US would claim that Alex Saab has “collaborated” when it’s widely known that the diplomat was savagely tortured; “two of his teeth were knocked out; they kept him incommunicado, on the floor full of worms. He was also kidnapped 24 hours before the elections which the criminal president who submitted to the designs of Washington was going to lose.” “It’s a lot like this whole Ukraine tale. The invasion of Ukraine was yesterday, and the troops are here and they are coming (…) Now they come out with this line about Alex Saab. If that’s the case, why did they knock out two of his teeth by beating him savagely back in Cape Verde?” ….

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