Detroit, March 31, 2022: Stop the Tax Foreclosures Press Conference and Rally

On March 31, Wayne County plans to end the moratorium on property tax foreclosures of occupied homes in Detroit. Join us in demanding that Wayne County Treasurer Eric Sabree extend the moratorium on owner-occupied homes and that he use the right of first refusal to allow tenants to purchase the home that they are renting.

For Immediate Release
Media Advisory

Moratorium NOW! Coalition

Event: Press Conference & Rally
Topic: Demand Immediate Moratorium on Property Tax Foreclosures
Location: 400 Monroe, Wayne County Treasurer, Downtown Detroit
Date: Wed. March 30, 2022, Noon-1:00pm
Sponsors: Moratorium NOW! Coalition
Contact: 313-671-3715

There will be a press conference and rally outside the Wayne County Treasurer’s Office on Wed. March 30 beginning at Noon to demand that Eric Sabree issue a moratorium on the impending threat to foreclose and seize thousands of owner-occupied homes.

For the two previous years of the pandemic there has been no property tax foreclosures in the county. There is no reasonable cause for the home seizures to resume when many households have not recovered from the economic and social impact of a public health crisis not witnessed in more than a century.

We are calling on the Wayne County Treasurer to stop the foreclosures; protect renters from evictions where taxes are delinquent; and to work towards a long-term plan to put an end to the housing property tax disaster which has been in existence for more than a decade-and-a-half.

A list of over 17,000 homes are being threatened with seizure. The problem is so severe that the Treasurer’s Office is not answering calls from the public seeking assistance. This is totally unacceptable. The only solution is to halt the foreclosures and work towards a sustainable solution.

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