June 3-4, 2022: Next Up Organizer School! Register Now!

There hasn’t been this broad of support for the Labor Movement in decades! Workers across the country are stepping up and organizing in workplaces once thought impossible to organize. Strikes are producing huge results for working people in industries all over the nation.

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to bring in hundreds of new labor activists and leaders. But we need to have the skills necessary to bring them in or this opportunity will be lost. Next Up is putting on exactly the training necessary to help build that movement.

The Next Up Organizer School will be a 2.5 day training locally that will help teach skills to:

  • Increase activity of current members
  • Help workers form new unions
  • Develop tools for building committees
  • Increase skills for internal union development
  • Tracks for internal and external organizing

This training will have limited capacity and unions are already filling up the seats available. Register now!

WHEN: Friday, June 3 (evening only) through Sunday, June 5th
WHERE: Rochester, NY (training location given to those that register)
COST: $180/person (scholarships available upon request)

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