May 14, 2022: Labor Power and the Third Reconstruction

Worker organizing is a key front of struggle in the battle for racial and economic justice. The COVID-19 pandemic helped spur workers into action in response to poor wages, working conditions, and lack of power in the workplace.

The “Great Resignation,” increased media attention on strikes, and the Amazon and Starbucks unionizing campaigns, for example, all point to a growing awareness among workers of the injustice of our current economic system and the power that their labor represents. Farmworkers in New York State are also launching new organizing, after finally winning the legal right to unionize in 2019.

Join Labor-Religion Coalition of NYS, Trabajadores Agrícolas Unidos (TAU), Alianza Agrícola, Rochester & Genesee Valley Area Labor Federation, SEIU Local 200United, Starbucks Workers United, the NYS Poor People’s Campaign and more on May 14 in Geneva, NY for the next in our series of Truth Commissions to hear the plight, fight, and insight of workers in Western NY who are building power in their workplaces and communities.

Keynote Speaker: Terry Melvin, Secretary-Treasurer of the NYS AFL-CIO and President of the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists

WHAT: Truth Commission on Labor Power with New York State Poor Peoples’ Campaign
WHERE: Kings Lane, Geneva, NY
WHEN: Saturday, May 14th 2pm-4pm
RSVP Here!

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