Freedom Inc., Madison: Demanding the Resignation of DA Ozanne after the Release of Jessica Williams!

The news of Kenyairra’s 13-year sentencing was difficult enough to receive, but we were soon met with even more disappointment when we learned that one of our staff members was arrested at the hearing. On Friday, May 6th, Jessica Williams, the Black Domestic Violence Advocate at Freedom, Inc., was wrongfully arrested upon entering the Dane County courthouse to attend the public hearing for Kenyairra’s case. 

This provocative action sends a clear message that Madison, Dane County, and the state of Wisconsin will arrest those who speak out on behalf of Black women and LGBTQI folks. Jessica’s arrest is a political tactic to intimidate those considering protesting for the lives, dignity, and rights of Black women. 

In response, we hosted another week of action alongside FAN to advocate for Jessica’s immediate release, and on May 11th, she was released due to “lack of evidence”. While we are thankful for Jessica’s release, her charges have not been dropped. Additionally, we are demanding that D.A. Ismael Ozanne resign indefinitely for targeting Black women like Jessica for advocating for survivors like Kenyairra. 

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