Madison: Kenyairra Gadson Sentenced to 13 Years – How We’re Responding 

The fight to release the wrongly incarcerated Kenyairra Gadson continues as we now struggle with her recent 13-year sentencing, unjustly given to her for defending herself from the attack of a long-time abuser and his peers in 2018. 

Kenyairra’s story is one that we hear too often. One where Black women survivors, especially Black queer survivors, are dismissed and even punished by the state defending themselves.  In response to Kenyairra’s case, from May 1-6, Freedom, Inc. and Freedom Action Network (FAN) hosted a Week of Action for community to #ShowKenyairraLove and discuss the violence that queer Black women face as they survive a racist, homophobic, misogynistic system. 

Freedom, Inc. continues to support Kenyairra’s family and are rooting for her release. You can still #ShowKenyairraLove by helping in the following ways: 
Add your name to the #ShowKenyairraLove Community Sign-on Letter Donate to this fundraiser supporting Kenyairra  Write a letter to Kenyairra Watch and Share #JUSTICE4KENYAIRRA | A Freedom Inc Documentary

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