June 29, 2022: Southern Workers Need A Voice!! Webinar & Campaign Launch

Southern Workers Need a Voice!

Webinar – Wednesday, June 29, 7pm eastern | 6pm central

Register here

The Southern Workers Assembly invites you, your coworkers, and other workers and labor/community activists from across the South to join us for a webinar on Wednesday, June 29, to discuss and build the Southern Workers Need A Voice campaign. Register to participate in the meeting here.

This virtual organizing meeting will take up:

  • an overview of the current period
  • the 9 point Southern Workers Power Program and how it can be utilized in building worker struggles as part of an independent social movement
  • initial plans for building the campaign in the upcoming months
  • your ideas and how your workplace committee or organization can participate in the campaign

These demands and associated campaign framework create the foundation of building a broad social movement of workers to wage a united struggle behind a shared platform, and to take this program directly into the workplace, the community, and to the politicians running for office. The objective between now and the November elections is to bring this program directly to workers at 40 or more strategic, non-union workplaces across the South. This leafleting activity will identify worker contacts from these workplaces who can be brought into local workers assemblies and connected into a network with other workers across the South.

We look forward to your participation in this important discussion on Wednesday, June 29, at 7pm eastern / 6pm central.


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