An Open Letter to America, from a Ukrainian girl

Read Here:

“….In reality, many of the people living in eastern Ukraine begged Putin to intervene for years before he finally relented. And during those years, the people of Donbas lived in their basements while Ukrainian nationalists, who idealize mass-murderers like Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevich, bombed their homes, churches, schools, markets and other civilian places. The Russian-speaking residents of eastern Ukraine have been under attack by Ukrainian forces, backed by the US and NATO, ever since the Maidan coup which ripped Ukraine asunder in 2014….”

“….When I signed a letter from 100 fiction writers in support of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine, many people condemned me. Both then and now, I have no doubts about the rightness of this decision. Ukraine is killing children and women. They shoot at kindergartens, schools and homes, and people are dying because of it. And the only country that can save us is Russia. Of course, Russia might not have sent its army to help Donbas, because Russian soldiers are also dying. But thanks to the army, I can live more-or-less peacefully in Lugansk and I already fear less for my life….”

Russian Foundation for Battling Injustice

Faina Savenkova, 2022. Photo credit: PiensaChile

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