Fond Du Lac, WI August 6, 2022: Protest Racist, Sexist, Anti-Worker Bigot Tim Michels, Wisconsin Gubernatorial Candidate


Join us on Saturday, August 6, 2022 at 5:15 pm to help make our voices heard as Tim Michels plans a campaign event at Veterans Memorial Park in Fond du Lac WI

Tim Michels has run a campaign of division and hate in an attempt to divide the working class, including the working poor, against each other. His lies and deceit and lack of knowledge do not strengthen our communities or our state.

Tim Michels does not represent freedom which includes any right of freedom for a woman to choose what is best for her life or her body. He believes there is NO exception when it comes to abortion.

Tim Michels claims to support personal values and business integrity while proudly supporting a man who encouraged a mass attack on our government.

He has spent more than the past decade enriching himself through corporate welfare programs while belittling the working families of this state for simply wanting more for their hard work and labor.

Join us to let Tim Michels know that he is not welcome in our city while we raise our voices and demands. Let’s get loud Fond du Lac!

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