PRIDE At Work Quadrennial Convention August 18-20, 2022, Minneapolis



On behalf of the Pride at Work National Executive Board, we are delighted to issue this official call to convention. Pride at Work’s quadrennial convention will be held August 18-20, 2022, in Minneapolis, MN at the Millennium Hotel Minneapolis.

We chose our theme this year, Out for Democracy, to highlight how much democratic values underpin both the LGBTQ+ equality movement and the labor movement alike. Like the labor movement, Pride at Work believes in every person’s right to a voice in their workplace and their government. But those core democratic values are under attack from all sides.

Please join us in Minneapolis to help us plan our strategy for how we combat these threats and build a stronger, more inclusive labor movement. Despite our gains, LGBTQ+ people still face extraordinary challenges, and the attacks aren’t stopping. Just this year, we’ve seen more than a dozen Republican-led states, like Florida, propose – and at least in Florida’s case, pass – discriminatory “Don’t Say Gay” legislation. These laws ban even mentioning that a historical figure is LGBTQ+, let alone discussion of any other age-appropriate material that touches on sexual orientation or gender identity.

There have also been a rash of laws, like in Texas, that seek to punish families for providing appropriate, gender-affirming care to their children. These unconscionable attacks on kids – in some cases imposing mandatory reporting requirements on union educators and others – are heinous and must be stopped.

Pride at Work is engaging the entire labor movement to fight these horrendous attacks on our community – but we need your help. Our convention is the largest gathering of LGBTQ+ activists and allies in the labor movement, but it’s members like you the leaders of our movement need to hear from. Let’s chart our course together in Minneapolis!

You can find more details about our convention and keep up with the latest details, including hotel information and registration, on our convention website:

If you have questions, please contact our national office at 202-637-5014 or email

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