MetroAccess strike enters 2nd week

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Live from the MetroAccess strike picketline 

MetroAccess strike enters 2nd week
Two hundred MetroAccess workers have now been on strike for over a week, walking out last Monday, protesting low wages and bad faith bargaining from WMATA contractor Transdev. They’ll rally this morning ahead of another negotiating session (see Calendar, above). The strikers are paratransit drivers, utility, dispatchers, maintenance workers, and road supervisors at the Hubbard Road MetroAccess garage in Landover, Maryland. The strike mirrors the 2019 walkout, said Local 689, “when Transdev held out an entire MetroBus garage on strike for 85 days because of its refusal to bargain fairly, WMATA pretended it had nothing to do with the issue. WMATA publicly ignored the situation for months and denied any involvement to the press. They claimed that this was a private dispute between a third party and their contractor. The same thing appears to be happening now with the exact same contractor. Transdev is even using the exact same union busting law firm they had during the Cinder Bed Strike.” “We will continue this strike however long it takes to win a fair contract,” the union added. 

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