Free Leonard Peltier NOW!

International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee


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The International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee (ILPDC) will send a “Rise Up For Peltier” delegation to the United Nations(UN) in mid September to attend the Human Right Council Indigenous Peoples Forum.

Last July, a United Nations report by the Human Rights Council working group on arbitrary detention wrote, “….the perfect remedy would be to release Mr. Peltier immediately….”

78 year old Ojibway Elder Leonard has suffered for 47 years inside a United States prison unlawfully!

Mr Peltier is plagued with numerous medical problems which are life threatening with little access to medical care! His recent bout with COVID 19 has increased these ailments and he suffers daily!

Leonard Peltier is a survivor of the boarding school system that the Catholic Church helped perpetuate. He was taken from his family as a young child and sent to boarding school where he was severely disciplined by priests and nuns.

Then as an adult, Leonard found spirituality through the American Indian Movement which helped undo the harm boarding schools did to Leonard and other Native people.

Overwhelming falsified evidence has attracted senators, legislators, tribal leaders and organizations who have written numerous support letters for Leonard’s Freedom through “EXECUTIVE CLEMENCY”

Amnesty International has also declared Mr Peltier a political prisoner and asks for his immediate release!

US govt misconduct includes coerced eyewitness statements used to extradite and used to unjustly convict him. Leonard Peltiers co-defendants were acquitted

On basis of self-defense and the court agreed the people were attacked!

The trial prosecutor James Reynolds has written a support letter outlining the fabrications and falsehoods that were used to ensure a conviction.

This may be the last chance for Leonard Peltier to be freed!

Attending the United Nations is essential to continuing to pressure and demand US President Joe Biden grant EXECUTIVE CLEMENCY!

Please Help our delegation to travel to United Nations to continue its call for JUSTICE to Free Leonard Peltier…/fund-un-trip-to-free-peltier

International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

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