September 18, 2022: Green Bay: Protest Racist, Anti-Worker Tim Michels and Ron DeSantis!


Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement

2040 Airport Drive, Green Bay, WI (Radison Hotel & Conference Center) – 4-7 P.M.

Both Tim Michels, Republican Gubernatorial Candidate in Wisconsin and Ron DeSantis, Florida Governor are waging an unrelenting war on poor and working people – and have for decades. They work to destroy LGBTQIA communities and anti-discrimination laws, oppose reproductive freedom, oppose public education and support privatization, work to dismantle safety laws and regulations and voting rights, support the U.S. war machine, oppose environmental laws, are anti-union and enemies of Black and Brown communities. The Michels and DeSantis event is sponsored by Turning Point USA, a part of one of the most extreme right-wing organization networks in the U.S. which includes the Bradley Foundation.

Tim Michels has gotten even richer off of the Jim Crow anti-union laws implemented in Wisconsin such as the elimination of prevailing wage protections, reduction of safety protections, Act 10 and Right-To-Work (for less). Michels and DeSantis, both supported by Donald Trump, believe in profits at all costs. They are Wall Street servants of the rich. DeSantis is now kidnapping migrants in Florida and sending them to other parts of the U.S.!

Michels and DeSantis are having these types of events for election purposes but also are trying to recruit for their legal and if needed extra legal bases to attack worker’s organizations and every and all working class organization. They are the types that don’t just want to de-fund or reduce working class organizations, they want to destroy us and our ability to fight back effectively.

We won’t let racists and anti-worker zealots run wild in Wisconsin or anywhere without a people’s response!

We need people’s needs such as healthcare, housing, public education not division and hate!

Join us September 18 with other poor and working people to say NO to the Michels and DeSantis Turning Point USA agenda.

Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement

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