Anti-war activists to protest Zelensky’s meeting with U.S. war profiteers in Austin, Texas September 21, 2022


Monday, September 19, 2022

Contact: Sharon Black (410) 218-4835
John Parker (323) 899-2003
Melinda Butterfield (718) 541-7940

Anti-war activists to protest Zelensky’s meeting with U.S. war profiteers in Austin, Texas

No to U.S./NATO Proxy War on Donbass & Russia
Fight for abortion rights, trans rights & voting rights, not a New Cold War!

WHAT: Protest of Ukrainian President Zelensky’s meeting with U.S. war profiteers
WHEN: Wednesday, September 21, 12 noon to 7 pm
• WHERE: Austin Convention Center, 500 E. Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78701
• WHO: Anti-war activists from across the U.S.

Best photo and interview opportunity will be at the Austin Convention Center. Interviews available upon request.

Background and context

Activists from across the U.S. and Texas will gather at the Austin Convention Center Sept. 21 to protest the meeting of Ukrainian President Zelensky and U.S. war profiteers.

Ukrainian President Zelensky will headline the National Defense Industrial Association conference of war-profiting industries like Raytheon Technologies, Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics.

This conference is being held to secure the already record breaking war expenditures for the U.S./NATO proxy war against Russia. A major part of the agenda will address how the giant U.S. defense contractors can speed up production of high tech weapons.

Protest organizer John Parker is on a national speaking tour reporting on his recent visit to the front lines of the U.S. proxy war in Ukraine. Parker challenges the war propaganda of U.S. officials and major media, and exposes connections between white supremacist, anti-women, anti-LGBTQ+ movements in the U.S. and neo-Nazis fighting for U.S. interests in Ukraine.

“While war profiteers and the Pentagon receive billions, U.S. infrastructure cannot even guarantee safe drinking water in the U.S. Today the people of Jackson, Mississippi, face life-threatening denials of water, while the annual inflation rate is at its highest in over 40 years and the housing crisis intensifies as more families can no longer afford their rents or mortgage,” said Parker, who was the Socialist Unity Party candidate for U.S. Senate in this year’s California primaries.

“We are being asked to sacrifice our lives and our children’s lives for the expansion of NATO, the most belligerent and violent military association in the history of the world, and the immense record profits of Raytheon, Lockheed and other merchants of death.”

These weapons manufacturers are today’s beneficiaries of the greatest single expenditures for war in the history of the U.S., asserted Parker.

“The Biden Administration is now spending $70 billion for this war, and they, along with the Republican Party, encourage the government in Ukraine to not negotiate, but instead escalate with billions more in weapons. This U.S. war effort also threatens China and recklessly provokes World War,” Parker charged.

Baltimore community organizer Sharon Black said: “Texas is ground zero for outrageous attacks on people’s rights. The state government is at war with women’s right to choose, with trans children, with immigrants and refugees, with Black voters’ rights, with the right to teach real history in schools, and much more.

“The Biden administration should be fighting to defend the rights of people who are under attack by far-right elected officials and fascist groups, not a war for profits on the other side of the world. The vast amounts of money being spent on war abroad and police at home should be used to roll back prices, provide living wage jobs or income to all, address the climate catastrophe, end evictions, wipe out student loans, and create a real public healthcare system.

“The only way this war will end is if we make our voices heard. That’s why we demand “Shut down the NDIA – No more Money for U.S./NATO wars!” said Black.

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