Internationalist Labor Leader Ed Childs from UNITE HERE Local 26 Speaks to We Rise Fighting! Labor Podcast

From Co-Host Ric Urrutia:
Latest episode of our podcast covers a lot of ground:
-Securing LGBTQIA rights in union contracts
-International solidarity in times of war / Iraq
-Labor and the Democratic Party / Wisconsin struggle
Side note:
I remember somewhere around 1999 I heard Pacifica Radio air an interview with Bobby Seale, co-founder of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense.
And what I loved about the interview was that they just let him speak at length, uninterrupted.
That interview helped me understand/identify with the ideas and history of the Black Panthers. I’ll always remember it and hope we have many interviews like that on this podcast.
Tonight’s episode gave the microphone to Ed Childs, a long-standing labor activist. We covered a lot of great material and history.
Ed Childs talks about going with the first US labor/union delegation to Iraq after the first US-led invasion. He mentions how all the top Iraqi labor leaders were present. And how they asked the US delegation: “Where have y’all been?”. Because by then they had gotten international visits and support from all corners of the planet… Minus the US.
“Where have y’all been?”
You gotta hear this story…

We Rise Fighting – Labor Podcast

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