Marvel’s new blockbuster glorifies Israeli crimes – Sign petition

Hollywood blockbusters have rarely depicted Palestinians in a positive light, or taken the Israeli government to task for its apartheid crimes. But the upcoming Marvel movie Captain America: New World Order is taking it one step further. The movie depicts an Israeli police officer and spy for Mossad as a literal superhero. 

Mossad is the Israeli intelligence agency responsible for killing and imprisoning thousands of Palestinians. And as the Institute for Middle East Understanding (IMEU) recently shared, the superhero, Sabra, has a disturbing origin story centering on the death of a Palestinian child. Her story is rife with racist, anti-Muslim stereotypes and dehumanizing depictions of Palestinians — and nonstop glorification of Israeli military violence. 

What’s more, the name “Sabra” callously recalls the 1982 Sabra and Shatila Massacre in Beirut, during which thousands of Palestinian and Lebanese civilians were brutally murdered by a Lebanese militia while the Israeli army looked on. 

Given the immense global reach and cultural influence of Marvel’s movies, creating a hero out of an agent of a brutal apartheid regime is unconscionable. By glorifying the Israeli army and police, Marvel is promoting Israel’s violence against Palestinians and enabling the continued oppression of millions of Palestinians living under Israel’s authoritarian military rule.

Say NO to heroizing Mossad and glorifying violence against Palestinians.  

American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) has called on Disney and Marvel Studios to “immediately reverse the harm it has caused and to immediately cancel the thoughtless plan to feature ‘Sabra’ in its upcoming Marvel film.” Join nearly 16,000 others in signing their petition.

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