Petition: Support Red Cross Workers Demanding Wage Increases


The American Red Cross has agreed to provide its employees in Illinois with raises of 13-25%. They’ve also agreed to increase wages by 3% plus $2 per hour in Minnesota. In both states’ portions of these raises were retroactive to October 1, 2021.

But for Wisconsin and Iowa, the Badger-Hawkeye region, they are trying to force the workers to accept 1.5%-3% prospective raises and threatening to eliminate their hard-won healthcare plan if they don’t agree.  

The company continues to refuse to agree to their proposals around provisions for safe footwear and clothing for those loading trucks daily as well as the very real problems of last-minute mandations.

Please stand with them and add your name to this petition. The Badger-Hawkeye workers are not worth less than Illinois’ or Minnesota’s.

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