Unjust Measures Imposed on Labor and African Americans After Midterm Elections

Railroad workers denied paid sick leave by Congress while Jackson residents face an administration consent decree on water services

By Abayomi Azikiwe – December 5, 2022

United States President Joe Biden, while running for office in 2020, pledged to become the most pro-union head-of-state in the history of the government.

However, many within the labor movement are incensed that Biden would demand that the House of Representatives and the Senate force the Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen (BRS), SMART-TD, and Brotherhood of Maintenance Way Employees Division which represent more than half of all railroad workers to accept a labor agreement previously rejected by large numbers within the membership.

The president had intervened several weeks ago utilizing a decades-old federal law, the 1926 Railway Labor Act, which allows the administration and Congress to impose contracts that would prevent a strike within the transport industry. Any labor action which might disrupt interstate commerce such as ground and air transport could be halted through government intervention….

Whether in the realm of labor rights for living wages and safe working conditions to the guarantees that the oppressed peoples have democratic due process and self-determination, the U.S. political and economic system has failed. Under socialism the working class could be assured of adequate wages, quality conditions within the workplace and the necessary social needs of the proletariat, farmers and youth.

With the abolition of institutional racism and national oppression, African Americans and other people of color communities would enjoy the same rights and privileges as those within the white population. African Americans are in desperate need of self-determination and equal protection under the law necessitating the complete transformation of capitalist society.

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