Activist Silenced for Questioning German Support for Ukrainian Neo-Nazis (Coop Anti-War Cafe Berlin Statement)





Caracas, January 8, 2023 (—During the final quarter of 2022, the German regime launched a lawfare campaign against socialists and anti-imperialists in Germany who questioned the  propaganda campaign against Russia in relation to the war in Ukraine and dared to express the opinion that the US and NATO were the main instigators of the crisis.

Among those organizations is the Coop Anti-War Café Berlin. One of its organizers, Heinrich Buecker, now faces criminal charges that could result in a punishment of up to three years in prison or fines.This is a regular intimidation strategy implemented by countries that respect the so-called rules-based order–a euphemism for the global dictatorship run from Washington, DC.

Orinoco Tribune is reproducing below a statement made public by Heinrich Buecker to explain the nature of this intimidation campaign aiming at restricting freedom of speech in Europe, a human right already heavily restricted by the conflict in Ukraine especially in Western Europe.

This is also a call to action to show solidarity with these activists in Germany who have shown constant and coherent solidarity with anti-imperialist causes around the world and especially in Latin America….

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