Stop the Steelers’ Pittsburgh Gazette sponsorship – Support the worker’s strike!

As the Steelers play their last home game of the season today, we have a chance to make sure it’s also the last time a struck paper’s logo appears beside that of the hometown team. After all, why would the Steelers want to be associated with the behavior of the anti-community, union-busting Blocks?

If they hear from enough of us, we don’t think they will be anymore.

It’s why we’re once again asking you to write the Steelers, asking them to publicly end their media sponsorship with the PG. There’s a template note for you here, but by all means, send your own message with the demand.

Though the Steelers have a particular legacy to live up to, they won’t be the last pro or college sports team that hears from us like this.

Your email will be received in multiple departments of the Steelers organization, including the executive suite. More than 200 supporters of striking workers have already dropped them a line, demanding the team publicly cease its media sponsorship with the PG.

Will you join them?
In Solidarity,

Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh

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