Madison to host the 20th Catholic Worker Midwest Faith and Resistance Gathering March 24-27, 2023

Wisconsin has been invited to host
the 20th Catholic Worker Midwest Faith and Resistance Gathering


It will be a weekend to learn, reflect and act to ground the F-35 and abolish war. All people who can commit to nonviolence are welcome. 
Registration is now open! Please fill out this form to rsvp:
Speakers on Saturday will include:
Vicki Berenson & Steven Klafka, Safe Skies Clean Water Wisconsin
Danaka Katovich, National Co-Director, CODEPINK Women for Peace

Brian Terrell, Strangers & Guests Catholic Worker, Maloy, IA and Nevada Desert Experience
In 2020, the Air Force decided to base a fleet of nuclear-capable F-35 warplanes in Madison.  Hundreds of people in Madison actively opposed the siting (for more information, see  )  Unfortunately, the planes are coming, and the decision to bring the planes is now being challenged in Federal Court. 

We have not given up! We are inspired by the history of Plowshares activists’ work against militarism and by Italian dock workers’ unions who in recent years have refused to load weapons shipments for wars.
In Madison since last April, we have held 24 war abolition walks to call for negotiations to end the war in Ukraine, and all wars.  And, we started a new Madison chapter of the international anti-war group World BEYOND War.
Learn more here. Contact: Janet Parker of the WNPJ member group Madison for a World BEYOND War.   And if you want to volunteer or offer Madison housing, contact

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