Opportunities for Travel to Cuba  – Wisconsin Information

Cuba is now open to foreign travel, including from the U.S. and most people there are vaccinated against covid-19. By far the best way to judge what Cuba and the people in Cuba are like today is to go and see for yourself, either booking your own visit or as part of a group. There probably is no better way to support the Cuban people than to go there yourself to show goodwill and respect for our Cuban neighbors — and to spend some money there as well.
You can follow changes to the rules and options for such travel on our website, The WI Coalition to Normalize Relations with Cuba, as we will post updates to travel regulations, new tour and travel opportunities. (The latest was issued last May 9, 2022.) Based on prior positive experiences, we draw your attention to the upcoming trips listed below.
—–Lessons from Cuba: Exploring Art, Healthcare, Sustainability and Education — May 25- June 4, 2023. (Apply by March 10, 2023)
—–The 33rd Friendshipment Caravan — carrying humanitarian aid to the Cuban people since 1992 — is taking applications for the 2023 trip (July 15-29, 2023). Space is limited and applications are due April 1st.

Learn more at https://wicuba.org/
Questions? Write to wicubacoalition@gmail.com

National Network on Cuba

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