April 2, 2023: The Counter-Summit for Democracy (WEBINAR)

Our next webinar, jointly organised with the International Manifesto Group, will take place on Sunday 2 April 2023 (11am US Eastern / 4pm Britain). Held to coincide with Biden‘s Summit for Democracy 2023, this Counter-Summit will: expose the hegemonic reality behind the US’s talk of a ‘rules-based world order’; explore alternative models of democracy; denounce US-led attempts at ‘decoupling’ and incitement of division; promote an emerging multipolar, multilateral model of international relations; and call for global cooperation to solve the vast problems collectively faced by humanity.

Speakers include Vijay Prashad,  Mohammad Marandi, Victor Gao, Margaret Kimberley, Lowkey, Ben Norton, Pawel Wargan, Calla Walsh and Radhika Desai.

REGISTER: https://bit.ly/42cith1

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