Keep the solidarity going: how to support the movement to #StopCopCity

As our allies in Atlanta keep fighting for community safety, we urge you to continue supporting their struggle to halt the construction of Cop City, a police training facility that threatens large swaths of the Weelaunee Forest and would massively expand militarized policing in Atlanta and elsewhere.At critical moments such as this one, it’s important to remember that local battles are part of our collective struggle for freedom from policing and mass incarceration. At the same time, those of us not in and/or from Atlanta must follow the leadership of the people on the ground, who know their community’s needs best.Please read on for ways to offer and sustain solidarity for the movement to Stop Cop City!
Tell Georgia prosecutors to drop the domestic terrorism charges against Stop Cop City protesters, using this action toolkit from Defending Rights & Dissent
Send emails and make phone calls to Georgia officials and the Cop City contractors, using this script and contact sheet from Stop Cop City Solidarity
Support Community Movement BuildersBlack Alliance for Peace – Atlanta, the Atlanta Solidarity Fund, and other local movement leaders
Take action and voice your disapproval to the politicians, contractors, and investors driving Cop City, using this action support toolkit from Stop Cop City Solidarity
Read and share the coalition letter from Defending Rights & Dissent, signed by the NLG, Civil Liberties Defense Center, Project South, Human Rights Watch, and other allies 
Sign onto the letter in solidarity with the movement to Stop Cop City
Learn more about the struggle against policing by engaging with the following resources:
[Webinar Recording] The Abolitionist Struggle to Stop Cop City: History, Geography, Intersections by Haymarket Books
[Webpage] About the Movement to Stop Cop City by Stop Cop City Solidarity
[Article] A brief history of the Atlanta City Prison Farm by the Atlanta Community Press Collective, explaining the long history of stealing land from the Muscogee people in what is now Atlanta
[Book] No More Police by Mariame Kaba and Andrea Ritchie

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