Support Compass Workers Who Feed the World Bank

Workers at the Compass-operated cafeteria at the World Bank will picket this afternoon at 4p (see Calendar). The workers, members of UNITE HERE 23, are in negotiations for new union contracts that keep up with the cost of living. Last week Local 23 released the results of a survey that detailed the ways workers struggle to afford necessities like food and housing. “Compass cafeteria workers feed some of the most prestigious and influential institutions in our nation’s Capital,” said UNITE HERE President D. Taylor, “yet they’re struggling to pay their bills. Compass is the largest food service contractor in the US. Food service workers have been really whacked by inflation, but workers are in a position of power right now to advocate for change. We plan to fight hard to turn these jobs, and all hospitality jobs, into jobs you can live on in DC.” Read more here.

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