Wisconsin: Support Teacher Teaching Truth In Waukesha! – Demand Reinstatement and Reverse Bigoted Policies!

Teachers should be empowered, not disciplined for creating and fostering inclusive spaces for all their students. Waukesha teacher and former MTEA member Melissa Tempel is being disciplined for speaking out against an unjust district policy. She has been removed from her classroom and the superintendent has recommended she be terminated from her position for speaking out about Waukesha Schools’ decision to ban “Rainbowland” by Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton from a spring concert. The district cites an abhorrent policy they recently implemented that bans the use of Pride and Black Lives Matter posters and materials from classrooms sending a clear message that not all students are welcomed in their schools.

Please consider emailing Waukesha School Board members to implore they reinstate Tempel and reverse their intolerant policy.

Because the website emails are not consistently working, you can reach Dr. Sebert at:


Please also copy all Board Members:










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